Friday 17th July 2015

Heaviest fall of snow in around 40 years

First came the sparkling Winter wonderland, then came the clean up! After the heaviest fall of snow in around 40 years, the sheer number of broken branches and fallen trees well and truly took the shine off an extra day off school and work to make snowmen!

As you clear debris off fence lines and from around the garden and wonder how soon before you can start burning the piles, can I refer you to the "Safe Pile Burning" video. On the video Brigade Captain, Phillip Worner, will walk you through the safe - and legal! - way of disposing of vegetation.

It might be noted that green vegetation cannot be burnt, so be prepared to take a long term view of the "tidy up".

The leaflet "Before You Light That Fire" on the RFS website contains useful information and is also available from the Fire Control Centre, Cnr Priestly and Etheridge Streets, Mittagong.

Lesley Wood