Wednesday 4th February 2015

Truck fire on Richards Lane, Joadja

Just when you think the fire season is over..... the Brigade pagers were activated at 07:50 on the 11th February (I think).

A small truck on Richards Lane was well involved in fire by the time the Brigade arrived. Both Mandemar appliances were on scene quickly, ably assisted by Woodlands Brigade and the Bulk Water tanker.

The truck had a mixed load of horse feed destined for a local farm and pallets of knick-knacks to be delivered to a shop somewhere in the city.

The rake-hoes got a good workout - as did the fire fighters on the end of them - as the charred and smouldering contents of the truck were dragged out onto the road to be properly extinguished.

Obviously the road was closed to traffic, and locals are grateful to Michelle who opened gates all across her farm and guided the locals through this detour.

It took the Brigades an hour or so to extinguish the blaze, and it was a couple of hours after the trucks left before the wreck was loaded onto a tow-truck and taken away.

One of the locals brought cold water and cake to refresh the workers, however they were ready to return to their Stations. The cake didn't go to waste, however. It turned out that it was the truck drivers birthday. He lost his truck, but he gained a cake on a birthday that he'll never forget!

Lesley Wood

Photos courtesy of Michelle Geard and Martin Elferink