Sunday 8th February 2015

Mandemar v Wollondilly Cricket Match

I've often wondered how the Drip Torch Ashes came into being. I imagined that it must have been the remains of a drip torch that was left behind in a fire, or something else equally as sentimental and romantic. But no, it's nothing quite so exciting.

It was late one night at the Wollondilly Brigade Christmas Party a decade or so ago. The usual suspects were enjoying a last round of drinks before wending their way home, when to everyone's dismay, there was no more wood for the fire. Rather than venture out into the darkness to try and find more firewood, some bright spark brought forth a set of cricket stumps...and proceeded to feed them into the fire to keep the "stayers" warm.

Next day during the tidy-up at the Station the ashes were swept up. Rather than unceremoniously dispose of the dregs of the previous nights fire, they were reverently placed in the battered remains of a Wollondilly drip torch - and the two Brigades have done battle over them ever since.

Lesley Wood

Here it is! The Trophy that Wollondilly and Mandemar play for.

Lucky the guys put out fires faster and with more finesse than they erect shade shelters!

Working out the order of play

The Boss/Selector hoping he's putting together a winning team.

Phil rescues his runaway puppy

Pitch invasion by more dogs!

Beautiful green pitch compared to 2014!

Phil & Dave keeping the scores and commentary going

Mandemar RFS getting ready for play...

Dogs secured in a shady spot


Sitting in the shade enjoying some lunch

After the serious business of the day is done, the kids come out to play!

The rules to this game are as loose as those in the actual cricket game

Not many places to hide when you're little sister has her hands on the hose!

Some after match fun for the younger crowd

Making sure everyone plays fair!

Good hose skills there!

Look Out! She's headed your way!

Kennedy accepting the trophy on behalf of the Wollondilly Brigade

One of two international players in our team....but it didn't help!

The post mortem