The Movie

Be Ready Mandemar

The filming of Phillip took place at Avoca Station on Friday, 11th April. The cameraman was Michael Pignataro, a freelance cameraman with WIN TV. Michael generously donated his time to the Brigade free of charge. We're really grateful to Michael - he was knowledgeable, patient and made our finished product look s-o-o-o professional! We used Avoca Station because it was about the halfway mark between us - Michael comes from Nowra. Truth be known, after searching maps of the area and not finding "Mandemar" anywhere on it, he thought we were having him on. He knew Avoca was on top of the hill from his place.

If you listen hard, you'll hear the wind howling in the background. I don't know how Avoca Station hasn't blown off it's hill top!

It's Phillip's first encounter with a TV camera - and I think he may have been just a little bit disappointed not to have someone rushing around with a clap-board, yelling "Make-up!". While we did several "takes", the one on the video is the first one recorded, and I think it's the best one of the lot.

We're passionate about the message. While the preamble is quirky and fun, what Captain Phil has to say after it is worth taking notice of.

Lesley Wood

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